The Hardware

X and LX Line Controllers, VAVs and Uni-B Controllers

Simple to Use

To change out the controllers is a snap and there are no programming costs since the controllers are auto-programmed from the head-end.

Systems Integration

Computrols products are able to natively communicate with the open protocols of our industry and with many of the competitors’ proprietary protocols.

Low Life Cycle Cost

There is no ongoing cost of ownership. Customers receive free tech support. For the life time warranty on the controllers, you buy controllers only once

Made In USA

All the computrol controllers are built in the manufacturing facility in New Orleans USA

4 in 1 Points

Any external point can be configured as Analog or digital, Input or Output from the CBAS software

Backward Compatible

Computrol supports every product that they have ever manufactured. All their controllers are forward and backward compatible

Lifetime Warranty

Computrols controllers carry the industry’s only Lifetime Warranty with free replacement.

Robust and Reliable

Inbuilt protection provides additional protection from short circuits and other wiring oversights

The Software

Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS)