Interface Channels

Channels are communications links to equipment using third party RS485 protocols such as Bacnet, ModBus RTU, Opto,and N2. With CBAS, users can easily assign and modify these channels at will.

Alarm Set Up

With CBAS, Alarms can be programmed to send notifications to mobile devices.

Easy Backup

Single click Backup to any logical drive . CBAS autocratically increments the backup number for you. Backups can be set to occur at a specific schedule

Attach notes to a point

Notepad is a handy tool to communicate something about a specific point to the other technician or operator. The notepad for a point automatically displays whenever a user selects the point.

Simple Programming

Simple Intuitive If-then logic programming makes is very easy to learn. It makes is very easy to reprogram the controller in the field by the facility operators. Another cost saving.

Auto Tuning PIDs

PIDs are one the most common functional block that is used in automation logic. Sometime tuning a PID is a real pain. CBAS auto tuning feature is very handy tool and it definitely saves time


What is the point of putting a trend when the event has already happened. In CBAS every point values is saved in memory by default so you know exactly what happened in the past or what’s happening now